New tagline (yay!), cookies, and first days off

2 Aug

Hey everybody!  Just a little update on me.  With the help of my fanTAStic big little brother, my tagline is up now!  Cool, eh? I tweaked it a little bit, bro, but I really am SO happy it was your idea cuz you kinda mean a lot to me.  I really appreciate all of your help this past week.  Miss ya loads.

Anyway, today is my first day off and I’m headed for vacation for a week up north, plus, hopefully, a little trip back home.  Excited about it and all the new opportunities I get to look forward to.  I had a pretty decent massage this morning at a local salon, and, now, I’m baking cookies for our trip and my apartment smells amazing. Just sayin’. Don’t be jealous. 😛

I’m planning to post everyday while I’m away and maybe will finally get some pictures posted of what I’ve BEEN up to and what I’m currently up to.  Stick around! I’m thrilled to have you!

That’s all for now (maybe more later), but I have last minute errands to run and a tooooonnnn of packing to do.  (Can’t deny it….SUPER excited I get to use my pink vintage suitcase again…teehee).

Toodles, my friends!


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