Taglines, Slogans, and Sum-it-uppers

1 Aug

I’m back.  So soon, I know.  But, I thought of something that I need your help with. I need a tagline (it goes right under “the Spunky Sapphire”).  You’ll learn a little more about me in the next day or so that might help you help me, but I’m just putting a bug in your ear.

My thoughts….

1. 3 or 4 words that are statements themselves that sum up what my little blog is about (kinda).

2. I want to use my blog for the following purposes:

– Keep my family in the know about what cool things I’m up to.

– Use it to start and help my event planning business by posting ideas, wedding posts, and pictures and descriptions of events that I’ve done in the past.

– Be my little place in the world where I can write whatever I want!

– Share what inspires me, what makes me think, things that make me HAPPY (nothing better than that, hello. teehee) and the like.

Remember how in my last post I said I am quirky and goofy?  Well, I don’t know if it’s apparent or not, but I’m a little giddy right now about all of this and the endless possibilities in my life right now.

Anyway, I’m thinking hard about it, but I’d love your input!

Toodles for now!


One Response to “Taglines, Slogans, and Sum-it-uppers”

  1. Stangman August 2, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    a la (location, location, location), Relations, Inspirations, Congratulations!

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