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Mint: budgeting

31 Jan

One of my 2014 purposeful goals is to be more aware of what I save and spend; to be a good steward.  I signed up for mint.com at the beginning of the month for a prettier option than a self-created Excel spreadsheet.  I had heard some great recommendations and I love it.


Since Mint is connected to your bank and/or credit cards, it does half the work for you!  Every time you spend using those, it updates your budgets to show it.  If you’re a cash spender like myself, there is an option to input those transactions as well toward your budget.

Once a week, I go through and add the cash transactions and take stock of where I’m at for the month.  Mint also sends you a weekly update to show where you’ve spent and how much you have left, where you went over budget, etc.

mint.com: a month with mint--theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comexample via

You’re able to set specifications on which notifications you prefer to know about and can set as many or as little as you’d like!

I’ll admit, I went over budget because of a car repair, driving a little extra for family things, and caving at Target once or twice.  But, I’ve only spent cash (hooray for tips) and haven’t dipped into the big money.

After this first month, I am even more in love with the organization of it all.  I can see all my accounts, organize everything into it’s own little box, and celebrate the goals like seeing my savings grow and successfully cutting back the grocery bill!

I deem this a goal well on it’s way, and it’s only January!  Success feels great!

This is my personal opinion and I am not getting compensated for my thoughts. I just wanted to show how I make this goal happen!