cheers to december

3 Dec

In case you hadn’t flipped your calendar yet, it’s December….whaaaat?  Yes.  So, cheers to that!  I love December (with the exception of the freezing cold).

Cheers print by Miss Modern--styled by

I love everything about this time of year: Christmas, catching up with family and friends, looking back on a year and forward to another incredible one!  The sparkle, the warmth, the love–all of it fires me up.  I’m not going to deny that this also means I get to wrap stuff and play with paper, tags, handwriting, and fabulous tape!

Despite November being a bit of a relaxed month, December is ramping up to be a bit of a doozy!  I have full weekends and I’m SO excited about it!  Parties, concerts, family time, and travel add up to make it a purposeful month.  Always a good thing for me.

While doing some Pink Friday shopping at Miss Modern, and stocking up on some super pretty patterns, I discovered this pretty “Cheers!” print.  Guess what?  You can download it for free, too!  If you’re like me, the pretty in pink and handlettering will be the selling point for you.  I’m thinking it’ll be around here year-round and possibly find a home on my bar cart!
Cheers print by Miss Modern--styled by theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comGo get yours, because, honestly?  A girl can never have to many well-designed prints for her space.

(I received the gold striped straws for my birthday, and am told you can find them at Target!)

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