doubting your reach

2 Dec

I think, as women, we tend to doubt our ability to be awesome.  We think, “Wow, I only have twelve followers”, and play the game of comparing ourselves to, oh, only every other woman we are inspired by.  How in the world can we, with only so “few” watching, be inspiring/helpful/make a difference?  Picture those people in real life: twelve people is a crowd!  A crowd that’s taking in your awesome-ness and wants to see what you’ve got going on!
You make a

Maybe the “few” are your kids and family.  Maybe it’s your elderly neighbor who you always wave and chat to.  Maybe it’s that new follower who really looks up to you as an industry leader and eats up everything you create and share!  You may think you’re not being inspiring enough or reaching the “right” people (whoever they are), but you’re actually reaching the right people.

Your right people.

Don’t knock yourself down for not seemingly being the biggest and best.  You touch people.  I promise you, you reach the people who really matter; the ones who believe in you and who LOVE what you do and think you’re awesome because you’re authentic to yourself.

Stick to your guns and to what matters most.  By being authentically yourself, you’re making a difference.  You are enough.


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