October! Already?!

1 Oct

Yes. It’s October 1.  Really?!  I remember a month ago, thinking that September was a chock-full month of cool stuff, and now it’s all over!  Well, last weekend’s wedding reception was really awesome and it was great to spend a full weekend with my family!

Apple Favors, rustic chic wedding--theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comMore of those photos will be up later this week!  I also can’t wait to see all the images from my head shot session from last week.  The few I’ve seen already are gorgeous.

I’ve got lots of goals for October and am going to fill them in on my Powersheets tonight.  Once they’re all out of my head and on paper instead of swirling around furiously inside, I’ll be able to knock things out.  Blog design, budgeting, deciding how to get where I want to go, just starting something, making the best decision without knowing the outcome (yikes, for me), making The Spunky Sapphire a construction zone in the process makes me nervous, but I really really want it!

On the roadtrip this past weekend, I finally finished Richie Norton’s book The Power of Starting Something Stupid and decided, yet again, that “what am I waiting for?!”.  (By the way, highly recommend reading it.)

So, with that, the look may change around here.  It’s not something I can sit down and complete, start to finish, in one day to make it less “construction-y”, so it may look like the work-in-progress that it is, unless I can find a way to do it without.  Who knows what my research may uncover?  heheh.

But, in all that messiness of a creative endeavor, I promise to give you some inspiration each week, both for wedding planning and for motivation and pretty things.  First up, the awesome images from Saturday!  Coming soon!




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