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2 Sep

#savorseptember by Lara Casey--theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comHappy Labor Day!  I guess this is “officially” the last weekend of summer.  It’s back to school and back to schedules and routine for everyone!  I will say that, although I feel like my summer flew by, I am very much looking forward to fall.  With that, I’m going to introduce you to Lara Casey’s #SavorSeptember– it’s time to make what matters happen.  

As I look at my calendar for this week, I realize I am totally booked.  However, around work, it’s full of time with friends as well as time coordinating a gorgeous wedding–my favorite thing!  This month will be the first that I am using my Powersheets and I’m really excited to start work on doing what I love–for good!  I’m remembering not to get overwhelmed, but to focus on the little by little.  Saying “yes” to spending more intentional time with my best friends, to savoring it, and saying “no” to wasted time, worry, and discouragement.

I just have to remember that slowing down for five minutes to savor something is NOT the same as wasting time.  I really get stuck on that sometimes, thinking that, when I’m relaxing with friends, I could/should be working, blogging, making things happen, when, in reality, I’m making the important things happen.  I’m making friendships happen, investing in other people, re-energizing myself and learning so much in the process!

So!  With that, remember to savor all the good times this weekend.  Take the time to “smell the roses”, if you will, and just breathe everything in!  (psssst….you’re not wasting time!)

What are you going to make happen this month?  Share it with the hashtag #SavorSeptember and let me know in the comments–I’d love to hear it!


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