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12 Aug

Intentional Living quote by Richie Norton--post by theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comImage by Richie Norton

Continuing the spirit of Intentional August (as instated by Lara Casey–follow #IntentionalAugust for inspiration), I’m posting this awesome quote.  How true is this?!  And, let me tell you, it is an ART–so difficult some days.  I challenge you to live intentionally.  Make the conscious effort to do the things that fire you up and help you to serve others better.

Trust me, this quote–and through it, the perspective it sheds light on–has lit a fire under me to do it; to live intentionally.  When I first thought of “living intentionally” and making conscious decisions, the realization that if we don’t, “others’ choices make us” never crossed my radar.  Yikes.  I’ve really seen that in this last week that if I don’t make a move and state what I want to do, someone will decide for me whether I like the outcome or not.

Not happening.  I am determined to make my own choices and make things happen!  Happy Monday!


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