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10 Jul

Happy Wednesday!  Today I’m going to feature the work of Papertalk Press.  They are an Etsy vendor based in Toronto, and thanks to my friend Krista, who posted one of their pieces on her Etsy roundup, we get to indulge in this paper goodness!

I have a confession: I have NO idea where to start with this one or what to show first!  Trust me, when you hop on over there, you will feel the same.  I’m drowning in fabulosity right now.

This is the one Krista was inspired by.  Just seeing this image got me hooked on tracking down this vendor.

Invitations by Papertalk Pressvia

We all already know how I’m obsessed by gold and pink lately….sigh.  And confetti?  Bonus.

Gold Glamor invitations by Papertalk Pressvia

Got a destination wedding in the works?  Hand out those boarding passes.

Boarding Invitations by Papertalk Pressvia

Glam it up!

Crystal Lights invitations by Papertalk Pressvia

Have fun with your RSVP cards because, seriously, they should be more fun than just “accept” and “decline”.

"Love" invitations by Papertalk Pressvia

Maze invitations by Papertalk Pressvia

So….can someone send me a maze in the mail?

Papertalk Press has much more gorgeous work than I could post about including some awesome baby shower invitations.  Scoot over there and see for yourself!

**papertalk press has no idea I exist.  I’m just in love with their work and wanted to show you!

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