more for monday

8 Jul

Prepped lunches for a week--best time-saver EVER.  theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comTHAT is the secret to success, happiness, and productivity in my world.  THAT is lunches for a week.  It sounds so dumb, but that’s how I get more time out of my days to do fun things like blog and create and spend time with the people I love.  It’s fantastic to not have to worry about lunch for the next day.

So!  More for Monday!  Today has been an absolute success.  I worked.  Then, I worked out for forty minutes, and, let me tell you, that makes the day a success in itself.  I now have all the pictures from Girl Bash which you will get to view soon, I promise.  My email inbox got tidied up and I tied up a few loose ends.  Groceries have been bought and lunches are made for the week!

I’ve also compiled my to-do list for this week and am excited to get crackin’ on it!  Now, that all the little stuff is done, tomorrow I can start knocking things out.  Last week, I discovered that I really can dedicate my time to things that fire me up instead of getting side-tracked with other blogs, shows, and miscellaneous time-wasters.  For three days straight, from getting out of work until bedtime, I thoroughly focused on Girl Bash.  So, now with this new fire under my bum, I’m armed and prepared to conquer some things in the next few months.

This week, I will work out every day and will prove it to you: check out my Instagram every day with an updated photo of my Simplified Planner.  Hold me accountable?

am going to nail down my newly-designed resume.

I’m going to clean up Girl Bash decor (although I seriously love it) and rearrange my space.

Add to that, you’ll see me around here a few times a week, because I’m dedicating more of my time to the things that make me happy and feel productive.  This is one of them!

What are your big plans for this week?  What are you going to make happen?  Let me know and I can be your accountability buddy!


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