the paper poste: save the date!

3 Jul

So…is it really worth having save-the-date cards for your wedding?  Well, it’s not necessary, but it IS fun! Save-the-date cards are smart to use if you have guests coming from far distances or you’re having a destination wedding.  You can also send save-the-date cards if you want to give your guests a peek into the style for the day before you send the formal invitation!  In addition, I also recommend sending save-the-dates if you plan to get married during a busy season (the holidays, New Year’s Eve, or the summer).  Calendars fill up with many events during the holidays (weekends especially), and summers are always busy between vacations, reunions, and other people’s weddings (<<let’s be real, here).

Now, onto the pretty–from Wedding Paper Divas! Save-the-dates are available in just about any format you can think of: photo cards, magnets, shaped cards, postcard designs. You can go nuts and be creative with save-the-date cards because they are a little bit more informal than the invitation.  Make them fun! Just make sure they hold the appropriate and necessary detailed information: who, when, and where!

They can feature a photo of the two of you…

Fair and Square save-the-dates by Wedding Paper Divasfair and square

…chalkboard art…

Charmed chalk save-the-dates by Wedding Paper Divascharmed chalk

…or both!

await the date postcard save-the-date from Wedding Paper Divasawait the date

Show off some great fonts and choose a magnet format making it easy to display for your guests.

heartfelt handbill magnet save-the-date by Wedding Paper Divasheartfelt handbill magnet

Let them tell your story!

Happy Feet Save-the-Date by Wedding Paper Dviashappy feet

city collage tri-fold save-the-date from Wedding Paper Divascity collage tri-fold

Display your colors!

genuine love story save-the-date by Wedding Paper Divasgenuine love story

If you’re really daring and creative, choose an infographic save-the-date!  Of course, you know how smitten I am with infographics so this one got me fired up.  So fun to read and decipher!

chic infographic save-the-date by Wedding Paper Divaschic infographic

Pure awesome-ness.  There are literally millions of options out there, so don’t get overwhelmed!  If you have a style in mind, narrow your search to bring up only those.  If you have no idea, start browsing a miscellaneous list of options and I know one will jump out at you. Happy hunting!


3 Responses to “the paper poste: save the date!”

  1. 5th Photography July 5, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

    love the grey, yellow, and white one!

    • Anna Rosendall July 8, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

      I agree! Love that color combo in just about anything!

  2. Katherine August 9, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    Reblogged this on Ideas by Katherine.

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