the paper poste

26 Jun

The beginning.  A good place to start?  Here we go!  The Paper Poste is going to be a series here at Spunky Sapphire Events because I love paper creations.  When I say “love”, I literally mean I get lost in Staples, I could ogle invitations, office supplies, artwork, cards, and more ALL. DAY. LONG.  And then wake up the next day and do it again.

**I’m just a little nervous about this commitment because my track record with promises regarding this blog is…interesting, shall we say.  ha!

With that out of the way….

Welcome to the Paper Poste!

I’ve been eyeball deep in Girl Bash preparations over here, and with that (and this blog’s) color scheme embedded in my brain, let’s start with some pink and orange invitations!  All of these can be found at Minted–an awesome online resource with gorgeous (affordable) options for weddings.

I am into really neat fonts, patterns, and unique “newtraditional” designs right now with fun words.  Make your guests excited about your wedding!!!

Fun and playful, yet classic…

invitation from minted.comvia

Gorgeous watercolors…

invitation by minted.comvia

And now we get into the fun-to-read ones that make me happy!

vintage retro type wedding invitation by minted.comvia

vegas type wedding invitation by minted.comvia

love graphics wedding invitation by minted.comvia

I would be over the moon to receive that last one in the mail.  Super cool.  I love the use of pictures to give the details of the day, and the design is fabulous.

Each of the above invitations is available in a few different color families. Minted also offers a custom color option! Go nuts!

Invitations are really the first glimpse into what a wedding will be like, so make yours count!  What do you think?  Would you be more excited about a wedding if you could see the couple in the design (meaning, it was really “them”)?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on wedding invitations and I’m excited to share my favorites with you!

{this post was not sponsored. I just thought would be a great place to start gathering for this series.}


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