my new “office”

27 May

Hooray, everybody!!!  Happy MONDAY.  I am starting this week off just marvelously!  Wanna know why?  Well.

In honor of me living here for a year, I’ve been in the zone making this place my favorite place to be.  From the gallery wall I did last week to my new office space (aka–the girl cave), I’ve been tearing it up and I’m SO excited.  I guess you could say I’ve “rebranded” my space to reflect who I am these days–a little update, if you will.

The incredibly awesome project of the day:

bulletin board--by


a wedding planner's

Sounds probably a little bizarre, but now I feel like I can really accomplish some fabulous pretty things at that desk surrounded by inspiration.  Not a half-bad mini library either, and I’m sure it will grow!  Do you have any recommendations?

To add to my productive Monday, I did a little more business work (more on that later), got my oil changed, and successfully went to Target and bought only the stuff on my list!  <<that makes a successful day all by itself.

I’m feeling like this week is going to be pretty decent!  Make yours amazing!


tell me everything!

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