the gallery wall

23 May

Gallery walls always make me smile.  They kind of tell a story of the creator.  The beautiful conglomeration of different things that mean something to her or inspire her often result in gorgeous masterpieces of wall art and create a great focal point!

It’s been almost a year since I moved into my first little place and I’ve rearranged a few times as well as collected miscellaneous items over a few years that I just hadn’t quite found the perfect place for yet.  Up until last night, they have been sitting on my mantle or just hanging out waiting to be placed for good.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of mashing them into one bigger piece and, finally, last night, I buckled down. <<makes it sound like it was time consuming, eh?  Yeah, not really–it took two seconds to put it together on the floor:

gallery wall


Once my head was in the zone, I was thinking, “oh yeah! That would be perfect here.  Oh! I have this doodad that would work here, too!  OOOH! washi tape!”  And, just like that, it came together.

I conflicted between hanging it above my bed or above my couch.  (I skipped moving my rather blah headboard with me because I wasn’t overly in love with it anyway, plus it was heavy and there were lots of stairs involved, plus I needed the trailer space for more important things–duh.)  Add to that, I move my living room area around a lot so it’s not guaranteed it’d be in the best spot every time.  Therefore, the gallery wall became the focal point over my bed.  I love it!

completed gallery

I’ve seen stunning gallery walls with everything from picture frames, shelves, cool ceramic animal heads (have definitely not ruled out maybe getting a cool elephant or hippo or rhino head and spray painting it….), and other items that are hang-able.  <<honestly, that includes just about everything you could think of.

Obviously, think about how you’re going to hang them.  I am not allowed to make holes in the walls here, but thanks to those sticky strips/hooks/holders that you can find, I didn’t need to make holes!  I’ve actually hung my giant corkboard on two hooks for almost a year now with no issues!  Powerful stickers, I tell ya.

So, my DIY evening last night was great!  I love everything about interior design and making my space a lot more “me”, making it a space I always want to be in, as well as one I can constantly be inspired in.  Thanks to my beautiful sister, I can wake up every morning reminded to “be the most brilliant color in the box”!

Have you ever created a gallery wall?  Do you have any tips or tricks for hanging difficult items?  I’m definitely not ruling this idea out for the future home where I can drill holes in the wall, and would love to hear what worked (or totally didn’t) for you!



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