wedding favors

17 May

Ah, the wedding favor.  I tend to always want to be different and unique and give guests something to marvel at, and this totally carries over into the wedding favor realm.  With the traditional and very common little bag of candy or glass “love” coasters popping up as the wedding favor, how does a couple who wants to give something that is representative of their day find a token that evokes the feeling?  Allow me to show you some pretty inspiration.

Outdoor weddings seem to lend ideas quickly out of necessity.  For example, your female guests might greatly appreciate flip-flops as favors because their stunning heels are not conducive to beach sand and grassy lawns.  Flip-flops are also lovely for sore feet during a night of dancing.  An other option would be a basket full of sunnies.



Are one or both of you foodies?  Do you love dessert?  How about little packages of macarons?  They can be mixed-and-matched to reflect your wedding colors or whatever flavors you like best!


For couples who love spicy sauces or who make their own, why not let your guests in on the tasty life by providing them with your favorite bottle of hot sauce?

hot sauce


Other edible goodies could include popcorn or whatever your favorite things are!



jones soda favors--theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comvia

Give your guests something to remember your day by for a long time by giving them a soundtrack of your day!  You have free rein to design the cover and really make it memorable.



If you love jetsetting across the country or across borders whenever you can, luggage tag favors become a great way to tie your love of travel in with your special day!

luggage tag


We’ve all probably heard about couples giving a gift to charity in lieu of gifting favors to each guest.  Here’s a way you can do both in a creative way.



Succulents are pretty neat and I love seeing how the hardy little plants can be packaged in such cute ways–even as placecard favors!

succulents as


Succulents as placecards/favors--theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comvia

Have you seen any favors that you thought were spectacular and unique?  I’d love to hear about them and add to my arsenal of creativity.  Happy Friday, friends!


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