3 May

It’s very possible that this combination is my new color obsession!  Ever since spotting this wedding by the very talented Amber Housley, I have been dreaming and obsessing (honestly the only word I can think of) about this color combination.  My blog design was inspired by that wedding as a matter of fact.  So!  Since then, I have been gathering inspiration for hosting a girlfriend appreciation party of sorts, and, thanks to Pinterest, I have a little pile of pretties going.

layout by Spunky Sapphire


*the link brings you to the Etsy page of the tag creator.  However, the tags are no longer available.  I chose the image for the design of the gift, but hope the tag creator gets the credit for the image.

These cake delights are gorgeous and I’m smitten with the pink macarons, too!!!


[not my image; not sure of owner]

This decor is just dreamy.  Honestly, that’s the only way to explain it:


You probably already know that funky straws are my favorite touch to party drinks.  These fit right in with my color scheme!  Whoo-hoo!


Twelve straws for three bucks is definitely not bad!  They’re too pretty to say “no” to!

Of course I’d send my lovely ladies home with a little gift since gifting, paper products, and lasting memories are my thing!  The Elli Blog has some beautif-eous printable wrapping paper for FREE!  Who’s going to argue with that?!


Visit their blog to get the PDF file and start wrapping!

If you’re looking for more pink, orange, and gold ideas, you can snag a peek at the rest of my inspiration collection.

And, just because it made me smile, this would definitely be placed somewhere in my little fete:


Sparkle away!


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