styled dinner party-the drinks

29 Mar

Oh, the drinks.  Mmm, probably my favorite part of the evening besides setting all the sweetness up was getting the pretty drinks ready.  Obviously, I wanted to incorporate some drinks into the evening, but wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted.  Actually, with a few possibly-underage guests and one beautiful pregnant sister-in-law, I really couldn’t be sure how many of us ladies would be drinking.

I had found the perfect glasses at Value Village.  When I was playing the whole dinner party in my head, I had an image of these glasses: basically, a tall, skinny, hi-ball-style glass.  However, I hadn’t seen them anywhere locally and knew I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy new ones (considering I’d probably have to get them from the Bay or some other high-end store).  I had just resorted to possibly renting them from somewhere.

The Saturday before the party, on my way home from work, I dropped in at Value Village just to wander and have some fun.  This still blows my mind!  I walked into the home goods section, and there they were!  In. Real. Life. Even better?  $1.99 for a set of four, AND they had three sets (twelve glasses was the exact number I needed).  How magical is that?!

I knew they would be stunning filled with something clear and sparkling and styled with a patterned paper straw to finish off the look.  Given the fact that I wanted everyone to be able to drink the same thing when they arrived (along with eating the yummy appetizers), and knew that alcohol was out of the question as I explained above, I mixed ginger ale and non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice and plunked in a few raspberries to float on the top.

Sparkly Beverage by Spunky Sapphire

I love the fabulous paper straws that are everywhere on blogs and in Etsy shops, but when I decided to add them in (too late to get them online where they are abundant), I couldn’t find them anywhere in town, except at Chapters.  Because of my last-minute decision, the available choices were limited, very limited—red and white stripes or blue polka dots.

The stripes were calling my name (as always), but considering my color palette was green, navy, and white, I chose the blue polka dots.  They’re pretty cute, too.

Once the before-dinner drinks were complete, I was pretty happy with the outcome and everyone thought they were great.

Sparkly Beverages with Paper Straws by Spunky Sapphire

As for after-dinner drinks, I debated multiple options.  I researched for a few days on different options, but I just wasn’t sure which to commit to.  Darren was quick to inform me that the guys would basically only drink scotch, their latest craze, and rum and coke; in other words, very easy to buy for, not complicated, and would not require my awesome hi-ball-ers.

With the mixed drink idea, I was too nervous that buying finicky ingredients for one would result in me not liking it and having all these undesirable ingredients on hand.

Finally, after picking Darren’s bartending brain, we just chose a mix of alcohol including scotch and rum for the boys as well as some fruity things for my ideal drink (which, at the time, was yet to be determined).

Dinner Party Bar Selection by Spunky Sapphire

Dinner Party Bar Selection by Spunky Sapphire Events --

Turns out, I was the only lady who had alcohol that night, but my drink was aMAzing, thanks to my honey.  I made him write down what he did so we could replicate it because it was that awesome.  A week later, I had it again, thanks to the note.

On that note, if you like experimenting with drinks and you find a mix you like, write it down!  Add it to your library.  What’s your go-to drink?  Let me know below!  I’d love to try some new recipes!  Also, have you seen patterned straws at stores anywhere in Southern Ontario?

Next up:  Last, but definitely, not least, I’ll bring you the décor pictures—my favorite part!


One Response to “styled dinner party-the drinks”

  1. Sareeta G. March 29, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

    Very cool…and frugal! I could learn a thing or two from you!

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