styled dinner party-the story

26 Mar

Having a dinner party was always something I thought would be exciting and so fun.  You get a bunch of friends over, you get to impress them with your kitchen and decor skills, everybody has a fantastic time and people talk about it for a long time afterwards.  For the party thrower?  Yes, it may be a decent amount of work, but if you keep the menu simple and just have fun with it, it won’t be as overwhelming!

I played around with this idea for only two seconds because, basically as soon as I thought of it, I set a date and started brainstorming.  It may seem a little whirlwind-ish, but that’s how I roll.  First, I invited by word of mouth because I wanted to make sure that my invitees would be available for that date, but once all had given me the yes-word, I created the invitations and sent them out.  I wanted to go all out for this party, and for me, paper products are huge, so of course I had to make formal paper invitations.

Dinner Party Invitations - created by

The menu was a bit of a challenge.  I’m always a little nervous when I invite people over for food because most people know about my culinary degree, and I’m always scared that they’ll be SO disappointed if I just put out the average meal.  In my experience, it’s been contrary, thankfully.  Phew!  Usually, our friends are impressed by good food and as long as it’s mouth-watering and yummy, they’re cool with it. (I think.  At least, I haven’t been told otherwise.)

Once I was able to figure out which parts of this event were most important to me (taking my merry ol’ time decorating because I wanted the pictures for my portfolio), I could then plan a menu accordingly.  For example, I knew that if I was going to want that extra time tweaking decor, I had to use some pre-made food than I normally would have if there was no decor angle.  Obviously, I added my own little twist to those foods, but at least the bulk of the work was done already.  Frozen garlic bread is a marvelous thing!  I know you’re probably dying to see what I served because it was so scrumptious, so, without further ado….the menu

Dinner Party Menu--  created by  theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comNot too shabby, eh?

As for how they looked at each setting…

Created and styled by theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comTomorrow, you’ll be able to see all that food OFF the paper, and lemme tell ya: FANTASTIC.  I used Darren’s camera to take all the pictures from this event and I’m still speechless by the quality and detail of the food images.  Can’t wait to show them off!



2 Responses to “styled dinner party-the story”

  1. Sareeta G. March 26, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

    Can’t wait either!! Everything so far looks great!


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