just a peek

21 Mar

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably guessed that I took a trip home to Grand Rapids, Michigan last week.  Originally, I had alotted some of that time to creating the dinner party post, but, life happens and the pictures aren’t up yet!

You may have noticed, however, that the Spunky Sapphire got an update.  I’m pretty sure I almost went blind creating the chevron background, but I am SO excited and happy with the outcome that I have no problem getting over the near-blind incident.

I learned how to download and install a new font.  I’m pretty aware that it’s probably small beans to many people, but I was thrilled to learn something new and utilize it in my little online space here.  Love everything about that new header.

I learned (again) that design…takes TIME.  Wow.  The whole process isn’t difficult and, even if you are confused about something, Google is there to help you figure it out pretty quickly.  My patience level is low…really low when it comes to completing tasks I know I’m going to rock at.  When I set my mind to do something, I just want to go zip, zip, zip, five minutes and boom! beautiful!

With design?  Yeah, not so much!  In general, design (blog, event, or paper) takes time–a LOT of it!  I was sitting at my parents’ kitchen table for an afternoon working on the design and thinking, “Sure, should be able to easy get the dinner party post up today, too.”  Four hours later, when dinner was served, I had just put the design up and taken care of all the tweaks.

Needless to say, those pictures of my smashing dinner party have yet to be released!  Yesterday, I was able to sit down and organize the pictures, crop a few, and generally get them ready to put out there.  Currently, I’m playing around with collage styles and writing over them to tie them all together!  I’m so excited; this is fantastically fabulous.

However, in the meantime, I put together a very mini collage for you–just a few details from the day.

Styled Dinner Party   theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.com     Event by Spunky Sapphire Events

Happy Thursday–almost to the weekend.  I’ll be over here learning more stuff about blogging and photo collage design.  What’s the best tip you have for photo collage-ing? (is that a word?)


tell me everything!

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