do it right…

27 Feb

…the first time.

Inspired, now?  Okay, that’s all I wanted to say.  (smile)

That brainwave struck me as I was buckling down and cleaning/organizing (slash designing?) my apartment in anticipation of Saturday’s dinner party.  I started haphazardly throwing stuff where it kinda belongs and then thought, “Okay, for reals, Anna, just put it away neatly, and, despite your INSANE lack of storage, make it look pretty and designed since eleven other people are going to be staring at it all on Saturday night.”

So, there you have it.


Really, you feel so much better and inspired and awesome when you do it that way.  And isn’t being awesome what it’s all about?!

I’m in the process of getting some preview pictures of the prep for Saturday and will have them for you tomorrow!  It’s going to be uh-MAZING.

In the meantime, if you have Instagram, check me out here for a glimpse as it happens.  Sidenote, if you don’t have Instagram, you should get it.  It’s super fun.  As I learn more about my blogging platform and assembling it from the ground up, I’ll be throwing a link in the sidebar for my Instagram so you can always easily find it and keep up with me.  Hooray!  

Be awesome, friends!


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