wedding tip: registries

12 Feb

How overwhelming is a wedding registry?  I have never created one, but can only imagine that after a while you start to get a little gun-happy with that little scanner and begin choosing things you may neeeever use!  (I can totally see myself doing that).

Where do you even start in the store?  Which products are necessities?  Have you forgotten anything?

If all of these (or more) questions are floating around in your head, you should definitely pop over to The Everygirl today and read up on their wedding registry tips.

The Everygirl Bridal Registry Guide  --


To start, they give you a few tips on how to determine what you might need, where to register, and to maybe not register for those gold-polka-dot plates you’re totally in love with now because the crisp, “plain” white choice might last you longer.

Then, they provide you with complete lists for everything.  Even if you want or need more things than are on the list, it’s definitely a great starting place!

Here’s The Everygirl’s Wedding Registry Guide in PDF format for easy printing!  Hooray!



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