the Wedding Co. Show [part one]

9 Feb

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since Darren and I went to The Wedding Co. Show and only a little less than that that I promised to post about it.   As I edited out the pictures I didn’t want to use, I began wondering where to even start with the post since there are still so many left and they aren’t super cohesive.  I have come to the conclusion that I’ll have to do a mini-series about it and focus on a little bit of it at a time.  Maybe I’ll be able to do it justice that way. So, here goes.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, this is one wedding show you should definitely attend.  It is very classy and tasteful and you feel like a million bucks walking through it (so not uppity like I thought it might be), and easy to navigate, plus it’s chock full of fantastic vendors who are excited to meet you!  If you’re interested in checking it out (and you will be after seeing the pictures and some of the many vendors), you can check out the blog, as well as the details for the Spring Show We had so much fun and I really encourage you to go!

I do have to say that I mainly went to network with some wedding vendors and get some names that I could remember and possibly inquire about working with someone this summer.  When a friend was unable to go with me, Darren offered and off we went.  We got interesting looks when telling someone we weren’t engaged or looking for vendors quite yet.  Yes, it got old after about two booths, but what can ya do?  We still had fun and definitely took advantage of the awesome photo booths and have the pictures to prove it.  In the end, I left with some names and some fabulous ideas as well as a day in downtown Toronto (which I love), and Darren admitted he had fun, too.  After all, it was his idea to come along with, so he really didn’t have any grounds to complain.  Ha!

Out of all the vendors there, probably one of my top favorites was Paper & Poste.  As I think I’ve told you before, I’m a sucker for paper products (always have been).  So, when I saw this wall….

Paper & Poste booth at The Wedding Co. Show --…I just couldn’t contain my excitement.  I mean, LOOK at it!  Even now, I’m still bouncing around about it.  The ladies here were absolutely incredible and were thrilled about their work (I’m very sure we could be friends).  I love it when vendors are just excited about what they get to do everyday and it just oozes out of them–so cool!

If it’s possible for you to zoom in on the picture above in some way, I think you should just to get a closer look at them all.  I took a few pictures of some of the ones I loved the most, but wish I would have gotten pictures of all of the sets because they are all so cool!  (You can click on each picture to see it bigger).

Paper & Poste display  --

I love the “yay or nay” part of the RSVP card.

Paper & Poste display --

They would be “tickled pink” if you would join them (great wording, eh?).

Paper & Poste display --  theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comI’m not a huge fan of purple, although the color is bold and looks so classy.  However, I am in lovelove with the invitations because they are fantastic and the words are “grahpic-y”.  While the wording is traditional (Dr. and Mrs. Family 1 together with Mr. and Mrs. Family 2 request your presence…), the display of it is stunning and not “traditional”.  It’s such a work of art in itself and I love that paper products can be so different.

Paper & Poste display --  theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comAngus and Krista want to “reel you in for the Maine event”.  Now, for seriously, how AWESOME is that?!

I especially love how the Paper & Poste ladies take a massive interest in making the invitations unique to each couple and the type of wedding they’re throwing!  From the colors and patterns to the phenomenal wording they and the couples come up with, these invitations are truly one-of-a-kind (and you already know how great I think that is).  Also, look closer at some of the RSVP cards; loving the symbols for choice of entree as well as the phrases that have been used to say whether the invitee will be attending or not.

The invitations are one of the first things people see about your special day and they are basically an advance look about what the whole event will look like!  Don’t you want your guests to open it and think, “Wow, this will be so fun!”, “This is so ‘them’!”, etc?  Take a little time shopping for the one that will fit your day best!  If you’re in the area, check out Paper & Poste; if not, research the oodles of invitation designers out there and look for some in your area who you could meet with and create yours together!



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