happy weekend (again)

19 Jan

Wow, I cannot believe how fast time is going!  AAAAck!  This is crazy!  I was planning to post all my pictures from The Wedding Co Show from last Saturday that Darren and I went to (no, I did not make him go, but when my friend bailed on me, he offered to make a day of it in Toronto with me–yay!).  Anyway, I decided to postpone that until next week and just write about me today!  Here’s a sneak peek, though:

photo booth slides  theSpunkySapphire.wordpress.comTrust me, that was pretty fun.  In case you’re wondering, yes, Darren has cleaned up his face since then–I agree he looked like a hillbilly.  (but, he’s still my favorite).

So, I was, AM, very impressed with the amount of blogging I have done this week.  I discovered (more like I already knew, but just acted on it) that if I go somewhere right after work and spend a few hours in an environment where I can’t get distracted (like a great cafe where someone may eventually need my table), I can focus and get so much done!  Then, when I get home, I can just focus on dinner, getting lunch ready for the next day, tidying up, etc.  Hooray for acting on what matters!  Plus, everything about this makes me so happy and I lovelovelove working on it!

Yesterday, thanks to Joelle, I found some great blogging resources which I have been looking for!  I really want to learn how to code so that I can alter the fonts and layout and really make my blogging platform uniquely mine (wonder if my computer programming brother could figure out blogging code–note to self: must ask him).  I signed up for the newsletter from this lady and also read some very helpful tips about images from Meg Biram.  I’m excited to learn.  Maybe it’ll be a lot like going to school because I really liked school and kinda miss it!

As for January, wow.  The weeks are flying by.  I’m happy time’s flying because I feel like I’m making progress and loving every day, but it’s kind of “whoa, slow down, there’s so much I want to do!”  Anybody else feel like that?

As for promises to myself for this year (I’m not calling them resolutions because resolutions fall apart quickly–in my experience), I’m doing pretty well!  Instead of the terrible and quite broad goal of “getting bikini ready and on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition”, I committed to drinking eight glasses of water a day (succeeding!), and working out for just ten minutes a day.  (The last one I haven’t done as well, but I’m working on it.)  Also, I told you I’m doing The Challenge with Lara Casey and one of her suggestions for setting goals was to create “office hours” (creating boundaries).

Now, in the specific sense, she meant for women who own their own businesses and are working from home; that way you set a time to shut down for the day and focus on what matters (your family, kids, the important things in life) and, ideally, every aspect of your business will be better for it and clients will respect you more.  I, however, am not quite there yet, but took it to heart as: I’m going to make “office hours” for my dream.  For example, yes, I work eight hours a day at a job, but am going to make time when I get home to work on blogging, my dream career, working out, cooking, etc, before I can have “play-time”.  So, I roughly made it out to be an hour of blogging, ten minutes or so of exercise, and a half hour of reading up on area event planners and checking up on Stampin’ Up!  Between working at the cafe and setting the time limits, as you can see, I got quite a bit done this week!

Today, I took it easy and tidied up for next week.  Darren came over for breakfast and it was fun actually cooking instead of rushing in the kitchen like I usually do.  My bed is actually MADE, people!  I’m on a roll, I’m tellin’ ya!

Okay, on with my roll for today…working out.  Thanks for all the views I’ve gotten this week.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday! Toodles!



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