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4 Jan

I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  This week has been a little sloppy with which day is which since Tuesday was a holiday and I had Wednesday off.  Anyway, since I had Wednesday off, my friend, Rachel, and I made plans to get together and catch up on our lives.  Rather last minute, I asked her if she would be willing to take new profile pictures of me for the blog.  She agreed, and Darren graciously lent me his brand-spankin’-new camera that he got for Christmas and off we went!  I, for one, am very impressed with both her photography style (similar to my own) and abilities with an unfamiliar camera.  If it hadn’t been so cold outside, we may have played around with more of the settings (like the black-and-white one, etc), but it was a beautiful, crisp, sunny day and we weren’t complaining.  Still managed to get some awesome pics!

So, in case you haven’t already noticed, the picture I chose for the profile is to the right (in the sidebar), but here are some more images.







12While researching this little town, I was pretty sure it had exactly the look I was going for, and, once we arrived, I was totally smitten with the old brick walls and great feel.

14After we called it quits, we were frozen, and hopped into the awesome (read: pheNOMenal) Brown Dog coffeeshop–this place was incredible and I’m definitely going back soon.  I believe it was once a mill and now is a multi-level coffeehouse with old floors and great exposed brick with cool artwork and a cozy vibe.  Above is my hot chocolate, which Rachel managed to capture in that picture (and it’s one of my favorites from our trip) while I was texting Darren, catching up on his day.

IMG_0047How COOL is that buggy?!  Ha!  We went into that baby store and it was pretty sweet, too, so the hot pink stroller definitely was an adequate foretaste; we weren’t disappointed by the inside.  I just had to have a picture of it, of course!

So, essentially, that was my Wednesday and I have to say that even before the afternoon, I was on a roll getting things done!  I’m fairly certain this week has probably been one of the most productive in a while.  I’m thrilled!  Of course, there still is oodles and oodles to do, but it will have to wait until Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Toodles!


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