Hello, 2013

1 Jan



Am I the only one who’s written or typed “2012” multiple times today?  Just curious.  Don’t worry, I’m with everyone else now and firmly planted in 2013, excited for what’s to come!

I don’t even know where to begin this post because my mind is absolutely luh-OADED with stuff.  GOOD stuff.  Things I want to do this year.  Places I want to take myself.  Journeys I am so ready to take.  I promise you that I will fill you in more soon.  Just know that I am SO SOOOOO excited about it.

How was the first day of the new year for you?  It was an absolutely stunningly beautiful day here and I’m so thankful I am getting to enjoy it.  The store was very dead today so I was able to sneak out a little early and have taken advantage of the found time by focusing on this new chapter we’ve been given: 2013.

I’ll just give you a hint about what I’ve been working on for the last two hours: Making Things Happen.  You should definitely Google that and see what amazing things you stumble across. Be prepared to work, but, after following these ladies for almost a year now, I am confident that only good things can come of it!

I hope that this year may be filled with many exciting new opportunities for you and many blessings.  Toodles!


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