{meant to bee…a wedding!}

27 Dec

Despite many delays, here are the pictures from my sister’s wedding!  You have no idea how excited I was to be able to get my hands dirty setting up a reception again–I honestly really miss it.

In order for the design to really make sense to you, allow me to explain.  My sister’s husband is a beekeeper and she works with him quite a bit, so bees are a pretty big part of their life (and their livelihood, basically).  She loves it and really wanted to make this wedding reflect who they are!  I have to say, she succeeded, frankly, without my input.  Yes, really.  I am impressed!

So, without further ado, from the beginning….

Empty Gym



Farther Along (M&J)

{tables & chairs placed}

place setting

{place setting}

I guess you could say she had two favors (both the “meant to be” magnet and the honey dipper), but when she found the magnets, she had to have them!  She incorporated the four colors (green, yellow, orange, and pink) that the wedding party carried in flowers and ties into the napkin choice.

Complete3(M&J){complete table}

Details4(M&J){table numbers}

The table numbers were originally perched on the clothes pins, but kept tipping over on the burlap.  Since those “Rules and Regulations” tents were already on the table (something my sister stole from my parents wedding), I clipped the number onto them, which helped in elevating the number as well.


When she discovered that she liked the Calypso bottles that I brought home from Canada after drinking them, she asked me to collect them and bought 28 daisies each in yellow, orange, and pink to place in the jars!  I loved them and we sent them home with thrilled guests.


{cake table}

Their cake sat on top of that crate.  The crate has been kicking around my parents house for quite a while and they are fabulous.  M took the time to re-paint the lettering on them and they looked great!  Obviously, since I took all the lids off the bottles, we had them sitting with no purpose.  I try not to waste anything and thought they looked awesome scattered around the receiving table kind of like confetti and then piled in the cake table crate!

CardBox(M&J){gift & card table}

That’s the twin crate to the previous picture along with a “super”–what bees make honey in in a bee farm (that’s the simple explanation).  On a related subject, I made fanTASTic signs for the card box (“super”), advice cards, and guestbook but personally didn’t get pictures of them since I quickly created them right after we finished setting up.  Thank you, Stampin’ Up! MDS 2+ software!  When I get pictures of them, I will definitely post them.

I loved that they were able to bring a super.  Come to think of it, there were about six in my parent’s garage with the intention to re-purpose them into end tables (awesome, right?).  Having it there just added to the personalization of the wedding and made it very “them”!

The twin crate (I’m affectionately calling it that now–kinda loving the name) was for the advice cards (as seen below).  She really wanted to have guest feedback, if you will.  This way, they could leave a note for the new Mr. and Mrs.  I decided to make them and it was very simple and fun.  Darren even helped me.


{advice cards}

One wedding officially down, and now a new one to help design and plan!  My brother just asked me today to help him and his fiance brainstorm ideas and help them.  Yay!



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