{computer issues+snowstorm+life}

26 Dec

Okay, so I am very sorry for the “no wedding pics yesterday” issue.  As I was trying to combine them all into one folder, Windows Explorer on my computer kept crashing and restarting, so I was unable to do anything with those pictures.  That being said, I still was productive yesterday by reorganizing my kitchen cupboards and putting away my new Christmas present dishes and then scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees (which hasn’t been done in a while, I regret to say).  ANYWAY.

snowstormSo, this was the view from my car about thirty minutes ago when I was coming home from getting groceries.  Fun, eh?  You can’t really see the blowing snow in that picture, but add it in.  It was a very slooooooow drive back, and I’m not really looking forward to driving into work tomorrow morning at 5:30 am!!!

I have a little more work to accomplish tonight before going to bed early because I haven’t felt the greatest all day and probably should just sleep!  To tide you over: a sneak peak at reception set-up.

Complete2(M&J)I’ll have more up soon!  Hope you had a fantastic Christmas with yours, whoever they are.  Looking forward to the new year!  Toodles!




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