Happy Christmas!

25 Dec

Wishing everyone many blessings this Christmas and fabulous times with your families–shelve the crazy stuff/drama/opinions/etc for today and just enjoy each other’s company.

I am busy today working on organizing my life a little better.  I’ve been so busy lately with life (work, my sister’s wedding, holiday stuff) that I haven’t taken time to focus a little bit on me and what I really want for my life, so today is all about that!  Well, and Darren’s with me, too, so I’m enjoying my time with him–it’s been a great weekend and first Christmas with him! (smile)

Anyway, I am very excited that I finally organized my email inbox and got it down to twenty-two emails from 246.  Ack!  It was ridiculous.

Check back later for pictures of my sister’s wedding reception set-up!  I had a fanTASTic time setting it all up, and she was so generous to let me have a little free rein to do so!

Also, I have some new goals for 2013 and maybe will share a few of them with you.  Some include this little blog and I’m very excited about it.

Merry Christmas, peeps!  Toodles!

sparkly shoes


BAM!  How’s THAT for some Christmas?!  Aren’t they fabulous?!  I was just looking for a picture of something Christmas-y to accompany this post, but once I stumbled across these–yeah, my crazy, sparkle-loving heart beat a little faster and, thus, the decision was made.  They’re red.  And glittery.  Perfect for the holidays.


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