{capturing december–catch-up edition}

6 Dec

Today has been a success!!!  I was awake on time and out and about town running errands and collecting things toward gifts for my sister’s wedding as well as Christmas!  I have been home all afternoon and have most definitely gotten quite a bit done.  What a great feeling!  Still plugging away at the list, though–lots to do.

Anyway!  It happened to be frigid today and when I left this morning, my car was seriously frosted, so I quickly took a picture for the December 5 item on the Capturing December list!  Now, I took pictures for the last four days worth of items, so I am officially caught up!  Whoo-hoo!

Day 3: Red

captureDecRed{little gift idea}

Day 4: Joyous

CapturDecJoyous{this is joyous for me–my sister bought me that sign for my birthday and everyone agreed it is very me}

Day 5: Today’s Temperature

CapturDecTemp{see?!  It was crazy!  Sun shining bright and crisp outside–I had scraped the passenger window before I thought to take the picture}

Day 6: Shopping

I’m really bummed I didn’t know about what today was until I got home because all I did this morning was shop for various things!  So, you get this:

CapturDecShopping{my messy shopping list thrown together last night}


By the way…is anyone else into the Christmas season yet?  I love this time of year.  Also have been listening to Christmas music all afternoon; I’m cool with it. (smile)

Have a wonderful Thursday night!  Toodles!


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