{capturing december}

4 Dec

Hi!  Hope your week is treating you very well.  My friend, Rachel, started a new blog to go along with the new chapter in her life and just started this Capturing December project.

December-Photo-a-day-Challenge-copy6**original idea and copy from A Content Housewife .

Basically, everyday, you take a picture of the item on the corresponding day.  Obviously, I have missed the first three days since today is December 4, but I’m going to catch up by doing two a day until I’m caught up.  Shouldn’t take me long.

So, for Day 1– Your View Today:



Yep, that’s right–business, blogging, planners, pasta, — and mountain dew (I accomplish a lot with it, no joke!)

Day 2: Favorite Holiday Movie–by FAR, it’s The Christmas Shoes.  Unfortunately, when I moved, I did not take the movie with me so I can’t take a picture of the case, so I had to resort to the internet to snag this one.

christmas shoes


In case you need proof: the trailer.

I just watched it before posting and got all teary-eyed.  Definitely one of the best and I’ll be watching it this season, too!

You can take part in this challenge, too, and you can link up here if you’d like!



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