{30-day shred: day three}

6 Nov


I strongly dislike the woman.  The “woman” being Jillian Michaels.  Anyway, I was out running errands this morning and then, with limited time, I decided to just suck it up and do the workout–despite very strong feelings to just not.  Still drove me crazy, but the great thing about the workout is that it’s in three segments.  So, with the odd number, after doing circuit two, you can say you’re farther than halfway and it makes the third circuit that much easier to finish!

I do have to say that I can already tell a difference in my endurance.  For example, the third circuit’s arm-and-leg combination workout requires you to side-squat while raising your arms in front of you to eye level while holding weights (the super-fit girls in the video use five-pound weights).  Since the move is slightly difficult anyway (you would get a workout without the weights), I have been using water bottles.  But today, I realized that the water bottles seem to be getting lighter.  Yay!  That means the workout is actually working and my consistency is paying off.  I highly doubt I’ll be able to use the five-pound weights on this move right now, but it’s looking like I may have to upgrade to something a bit heavier.

So, as much as most days I really hate starting the workout, once I’m in it, it’s much easier to finish and I promise I can already tell a difference–one of the reasons I love doing this workout!

For those of you who just want some motivation or a “good reason” to make the time for improving yourself, here ya go–something funny:


Just start!  See?  Made you not want to be the one on the couch!  Toodles!

And, P.S.–if you feel like you might fall off the bandwagon soon, from the bottom of my sore muscles, PLEASE DON’T even THINK about it.  You will really not like every second of getting your muscle memory back.  🙂


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