{30-day shred: day one}

3 Nov

Yay for sunshine!  Sorry, had to get that out there, first of all, on this fabulous Saturday.  Thanks to Crazy Storm Sandy, it has been raining and fuh-reezing here for over a week.  Granted, it’s still cold, but today it’s SUNNY!!!  Whoo-hoo!

Okay, back to business.  You may be wondering, “What in the world is she talking about with this 30-day shred business?”.  If you are, I’ll tell you.  It’s a butt-kicking workout which I am in DESPERATE need of.  I bought the Jillian Michael’s DVD probably over a year ago and have done it off and on since then because it’s a guaranteed hard-core workout in only twenty-five minutes which is awesome.

The dumb thing is: I do it for a bit, finally get acclimated to the workout (which is in levels, mind you, so you “graduate” after the one you’re on becomes easy) and then fall of the bandwagon.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, you think, “Meh. It hasn’t been that long.”  Then, it promptly beats you and makes you regret ever being cocky.  (smile)

So!  I have made a pact with myself to do this workout for thirty days straight (Sundays, excepted) and see what’s up then.  I have taken pictures of myself so I have something to reference and was originally thinking I would post them on here with this first post.  After looking at them, I’m slightly embarrassed about ever falling off the JM bandwagon and really don’t want to post them quite yet.  I promise I will post them as soon as I have something much better to look at as a comparison point.  Also, I’m keeping a journal of sorts to track my progress as to the workout portion (example for today: I didn’t use the five-pound weights for the shoulder raises because it was too difficult, so I used water bottles instead–still using the correct form, reps, and speed and it still kicked my butt).

I was seriously surprised when I did the workout today, though!  I thought for SURE I’d be keeling over since it’s been awhile, but it was actually easier than I thought to start again.  Maybe I’m getting good at starting over?  Is that depressing?  hahahaaaaaah.

Okay, my peeps.  Gotta get moving toward the shower and getting some loose ends neatly tied before dinner.  Have a FABULOUS weekend, and we’ll chat next week!

Just for giggles:




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