{getting my hands dirty}

31 Oct

Just over a week ago, my Stampin’ Up! starter kit arrived.  Let me just tell you: I was bouncing off the walls excited to go through the box.  I’m sure you never would have guessed that.

So, after living for a few days with the stuff scattered across my table, I finally got around to making some samples and giving them away!  It was so much fun and brought back great memories!

With a little help from my parents who brought a lot of old product from home (most of which is still current) as well as the cubbies that used to be in my room, I was able to organize everything pretty nicely!  This worked out very well considering my apartment is all one room and I have no storage closets of any kind.  Everything is displayed neatly, but still easy to access and use whenever I want to!

Also, yesterday, I downloaded the free trial of My Digital Studio 2 (MDS 2) from Stampin’ Up! and, WOW, it is pretty sweet!  I will say, it’s a little time consuming to learn all the aspects, but the base product comes with quite a bit of digital aspects and templates (everything from scrapbook pages of varying size, to cards in about six different sizes, to tags!).  In addition to that, there are so many sets you can purchase for your MDS 2 that are basically add-ons to what you already get.  The best part?  It coordinates with the actual “hard copy” stamps, papers, colors, punches, embellishments and so much more I’m sure I’m forgetting!  How great is that?

So, after getting home from work last night at midnight, I had to fool around with it and used some stamps, the text option, and colored cardstock and made something for Darren, which I then was able to email to him!  The program allows to you email your projects, print them to your own printer, or order photobooks, individual pages, cards, journals, and more from Stampin’ Up!

I’m smitten with the little flags–they’re so adorable and festive!  The words are all actual stamps, the “and” is from the text option that I typed in, the hearts are punches (which I could have filled in with a back color, but chose to keep white), and the flags are an embellishment!  Also, although I kept my stamps in black ink, I could have changed the color to any one of the Stampin’ Up! colors.  The options are practically endless.  Expect to see more cool stuff because I’m loving this program.

If you want to try out the free trial, contact me!  It’s a thirty-day free trial; let me hook you up to the fun!  Email me if you’ve got any questions about it, but really, you should try it out yourself!  Did I mention you can upload all your own pics to it and make photobooks?

This is probably my favorite video of how the program is awesome–mostly because she’s planning a party.  Cool, eh?  Check it out…

Have a fabulous Wednesday, guys.  Toodles!


One Response to “{getting my hands dirty}”

  1. Sareeta G. November 10, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    Love your samples baby! Yay, you can teach me all about MDS2!

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