24 Oct

Hi!  No, I have not fallen off the radar…flown under it the past few days, yes, maybe.  I guess that technically means I’ve been off the radar.  Please excuse me.  Anyway, first of all:


You may have noticed the new link on the sidebar here in Spunky Sapphire land–the Stampin’ Up! logo.  I hope you’ve gone over there because it’s pretty amazing.  I guess this is my first “official” announcement of this new branch of my awesome life.  I have put my goal of event planning on the shelf for a wee bit and deciding to focus on existing in this moment.  However, since I am a creative, I wanted to be able to use those talents still, in some way.  (You may catch some glimpses into the mayhem because I’d like to post my work on here–we shall see).

A few weeks ago, I met my upline (what Stampin’ Up! refers to as the person you sign up under).  She is fabulous and, after I met her, I thought, “Why did I not think of this company before as a way to stay constantly creative, meet great people who also have the same goals as me, and make a little extra money on the side?”  My mom and I were big into this company a few years back and then life got busier and we sort of bailed on it.  Sad, maybe, but this reintroduction has been amazing.  I’m SO excited about all the new products and am really looking forward to using my talents for the benefit of others.

As well, it’s so great to be able to share the fun with others, so I look forward to doing workshops and introducing the cool stuff.

I’m really trying to balance everything and don’t want this blog to take a back burner because I love this little spot in cyberspace that I have.  But, I’m just going to err on the side of caution and say that since I am launching this new endeavor and have to put time into creating things as well as maintaining the business side of things, I may not be here as much as I would like.  Maybe I need to look into organizing my free time better; feel free to send me self-help links on that topic.  (smile).

Also, you may have noticed I changed the blog layout slightly in an attempt to make it better and adapt it to my new goals, etc.  I will probably be updating my “about” page and (hopefully, soon) my profile pictures.

Anyway, see what happens when I start typing a “short” post?  It’s good for me, though, so I’m not complaining.  Back to the quote above; just wanted to say that when life seems to be getting more impossible by the minute, just think about all the good things that are going on!  You’d be surprised what you can come up with if you take thirty seconds to think about it even when stress is eating away at your sanity.  (giggle).  Life is pretty amazing!!  By the way, I totally can’t believe it’s almost November (yay for my birthday!)

Have a fabulous night, and expect some updates soon!  Toodles!


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