{today–random thoughts}

16 Oct

First things first, my peeps.  I worked all day, ran errands, and STILL got my workout in.  YEAH!  Because:


Yeah, no one ever says that.  So, anyway, I’m happy about that!  And, also, I made egg salad (yum) for my lunch for the next few days and cooked dinner after my workout and cleaned my apartment and did all my dishes and caught up on my favorite blogs, and posted TWICE now on my own blog.  Now, I just have to organize a few more things before bed.  Everything’s even all prepped out for my morning (like, my lunch stuff and breakfast stuff).  By the way, I highly recommend setting everything out for yourself for the next morning because (1) you can sleep sliiiiiightly longer, and (2) it makes your morning start smoother, and (3) you get out the door on time with a healthy breakfast and lunch ready to go.  Just sayin’.

Okay, I’m getting sleepy now (smile).  Looking forward to my shower because:


Oh, they so are!  Hope your day was as awesome as mine!  Toodles!


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