{a little yellow}

16 Oct

The other day when I got groceries, I stumbled across these in the flower department and I had to have them especially since they were only $7.99.

There’s just something about having flowers in the house that makes it so homey and I love it!  So, I got them.  Obviously.

Instead of putting them in just one spot, I divided them into three containers: these two and my supercool orange vase.

So!  With a little engineering (had to put Kleenex in the bottom of the bowl to hold the stems upright) and snipping and use of random household containers, I created myself some cute, cheery, and yellow arrangements for my kitchen, living area, and bathroom!

Voila!  I’ll just put some more pictures up so you can enjoy the view!  I love these, and it just proved my hunch about having flowers in my apartment makes me smile.





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