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9 Oct

Hi!  Okay, you know when you workout for a long period of time and you’re feeling good?…and then, you skip a day because you’re so busy…..but then, it turns into weeks of not working out?  Yeah, that’s me!

You know how you’re feeling pretty svelte and sleek and gorgeous and then one day you’re walking around your apartment on the way to the shower (translate: half naked) and, all of sudden, you’re like, “Ew.  My thighs are all of a sudden rubbing grossly against each other.”?  Yeah?  That’s me, too.  Blegh.

I’m back to working forty hours a week which is “yay!” but I’m so tired when I get home and there’s so much going on that I haven’t had time to even think.  However, today I had the evening free just for me, so I got home and decided to just lace up and go for a run despite the fact that Darren took his iPod back so I had no music.  It was a beautiful crisp, sunny day and totally worth taking the time to go!


uuuhhhh BUT.  As I was saying, skip workouts for a while?  Yeah, your brain thinks, “Oh, hey!  No biggie!  Did this not that long ago, so I can start where I left off.”

Then, your body goes (laughing itself silly), “HA!  Excuse me for laughing, but you really think you can just do that?!  Bring on the lightheadedness!”

Schmeg.  Hate that.  So, anyway, I laced up, and headed out.  The first stretch of running was no problem.


Yeah, I totally really did look like that, I’m sure.  (giggle).  Needless to say, I walked over half of my two-mile route, but I got out (I think that’s the point, anyway).  Very superly frustrating, but here’s to a kick-ass winter of working out so that I can feel amazing.


hahahaha!  THAT, my friends, is my new wallpaper.  Made me laugh.

Last night, I went to bed with new resolve to get stuff done and work on me.  Today has been an absolute success!  Have I mentioned that I actually kind of like the domestic side of me?  I made dinner for myself and cleaned all my dishes up and dried them and put them away which felt really good!  I think I especially like it because it’s one of the few things that I’m in control of lately.

Anyway, much has gotten accomplished today: woke up seven minutes before my alarm (I have mixed feelings about that–haha), worked eight hours, paid a bill, got a paycheck, cleaned up my kitchen from the last week, went for a RUN, and now I’m blogging!  Lots to be thankful for today, and I’m excited about keeping this groove going.  Thrilled to take time every day to work on me through running/working out, blogging, and learning!


This is a print from an Etsy shop and my new motto.  It’s too easy to think of all the reasons why anything might be hard or not work out or think of a million people who may turn up their noses at it, but who cares?  Just START!  You never know what might happen!

Finally, in this haphazard, catch-up post, I just got some pictures of Darren and me from the few days I spent in Michigan.  A shout-out to my brother’s girlfriend!  S. you are amazing and thank you for capturing these moments with us at our goofy best!  LOVE the pics–they are priceless (in the good way).

I am so in awe of those pictures because they’re so real (by that, I mean, not staged smiles–that’s as real as it gets!)  Sooooooooooooooooooo thankful for that guy, I am telling you.  He’s the best.



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