{christopher robin + something cute}

29 Sep

How’s your Saturday?  Mine is treating me pretty well and I’m excited to do some fun things today like check out a flea market and some vintage stores if I can find some.  Just get to take a “me” day for a few hours and I’m excited about it!

Anyway, this week’s been pretty hectic, but I’m so close to having this all resolved, so hopefully, I will be able to focus on more important things soon (like this blog and my business plans).  I found this from Christopher Robin (you know…Pooh’s human friend?) and it’s a good reminder (also something I learned this week!).


Yes, Christopher Robin, I promise I will remember that.  Thank you!  (smile).

And, the something cute I mentioned?  This is something totally adorable and I’d never thought of before!


Isn’t that cute?!  I knew Build-a-Bear had wedding outfits, but what a great idea to give your flowergirl and ringbearer one to match!  The monkey is really one of their cutest animals, too.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you on Monday!  Toodles!



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