{fab engagement session}

20 Sep

Hi everyone!  I just stumbled across this engagement session and wanted to share it with you!  The bride and groom are clients of Hey Gorgeous Events.  Rhiannon can do some pretty amazing things!  Their wedding is this weekend, and she posted these pictures.  However, I’m sending you to the photographers website so you can check their work out!  They are Lisa and Geoff of The Goodness Photo & Design.  I always, ALWAYS love finding new photographers and checking out their work!


You can feel the looooove coming through that picture!  Anyway, check out the rest of this shoot here.  There’s some other pretty spectacular pics including an incredible view (really, it’s nuts!), and some sweet color vibes goin’ on.  Go check them out!  Lisa & Geoff have a pretty awesome website too.  I can’t resist green and cute elephant graphics.  AWWWW!!!  (sorry, I’m researching more about them as I create this post)  Anyway, the elephant graphic is their logo and the slogan they put with it is: photos never forget.  Y’know?  A play off of “an elephant never forgets”?  Oh, this is gonna be tragic.  How will I ever pick a photographer.  sigh.  Another day’s problem.  (smile)


The last picture I’ll leave you with is probably my favorite.  The wall color is phenomenal and they just look SO happy!


Just thought I’d pass along the smiles.  Can’t beat ’em.  Have a fabulous night, my peeps!  Toodles!



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