{truck love}

11 Sep

Happy Tuesday!  I’m not sure how I became intrigued with food trucks.  Perhaps, it’s because of my culinary degree and seeing them around or because it’s just SOOOOO COOL that the whole idea makes me giddy.  So, since I recently moved to a new area, I wanted to see if the area had any, and, just out of curiosity, if they catered!  For example, would they cater a wedding, etc.  WELL.  Let me tell you.  My google search brought me to this Pinterest page aaaaand that was the end of THAT.  I am hooked! (y’know, if I wasn’t already, which I’m pretty sure I WAS).  It’s definitely going on my personal awesome wedding idea list.

But first, I need to convince you that it’s awesome!  Yes, don’t worry, I’m proving it with the pics.

Now, in my limited research, I discovered that many times food trucks are less expensive than “regular” catering at weddings, so that might be a good reason to get one.  That being said, if your budget is unlimited beyond limits of limits, food trucks are just waaaaaaaaaaaay beyond that coolness factor that you should just have one anyway.  Plus, who doesn’t love a food truck?



Anyway, as with most wedding stuff, this idea can be as minimal or grand as you’d like.  For example, you could have appetizers served from a food truck, but have a traditional plated dinner by the venue.  OR, you could have your late-night munchies served from the food truck.  OR, dessert (there are cupcake trucks AND ice cream trucks–but, then, we’ve always known about ice cream trucks).  OR, and, yes, this is possible, you could have the whole shebang served from a food truck (or food truckS).  I’m just sayin’–how fanTAStic would that be?!


See how this one (if you look closely) has the menu divided up by truck?

As far as the menu, I’m fairly certain most food trucks would work with your requests.  However, if you get the Gorilla Cheese truck, which specializes in (you guessed it) Grilled Cheese, they probably won’t do any Asian food.  But that won’t be a problem because you just need to find the right category of truck, and trust me, there’s all kinds!



Airstream trailers are just fabulous, Skillet is a fantastic name, and bacon jam?!  Where could you go wrong?!  Get me one of those slider thing-ies, like, right now.  yum.

You can’t EVEN deny that they make incredible photo props.  Just look at these!  It’s like your own personal wedding photo op!  Well, your whole wedding should be, anyway, but y’know.  Sweet!





Before I forget…DESSERT, anyone?


FIRST of all, are those rims and pink roof cover fabulous?!  I’m in love with food trucks anyway, but that one’s pretty cool.  Homemade ice cream sammiches, snow cones, cupcakes……sigh, where to begin?

If I haven’t convinced you yet that even a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty, teensy piece of food trucks aren’t cool, I’m terribly sorry.  But, I’m going to leave you with one last piece of eye candy.  I love everything about it–the colors, the font, classic vintage-retro of the picture, everything.


sigh. Just stunningly gorgeous.

I’ll see you tomorrow!  What do you think of the pictures and what are your thoughts on the whole food truck idea?  Toodles!


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