{weekend update}

8 Sep

Hi everyone!  I don’t have anything in particular prepared for this post, but I have lots in my head that’ll get formulated.  (I really need to stop saying that, and just do it). *sigh.  I want to do another wedding post and I’ve been finding tons of cool stuff.

Anyway, I surprised my family by coming home for the weekend, so now I’m trying to think of somewhere fun to go because I want to make the most of my time here!  I’m definitely missing my honey, but it’s been kinda fun just texting him like we did all the time when we were dating long distance.  That being said, it’ll be fanTASTical to see him on Monday and know that I only live thirteen minutes away from him.

Remember my September Goals?  I am very super muchly proud to announce that five of the eight goals are done-done and it’s only September 8!!!  Crazy, eh?  I love it!  And, of course, on my hard copy (that I printed out and hung somewhere–my last goal), I’ve been striking everything out.  It’s felt really awesome.  Then again, I am a list-maker, so I do that with ev. er. y. thing. guh.

Something that’s been floating around in my brain lately has been getting updated profile pictures for my blog.  The ones of me currently are one to two years old, and, while I haven’t changed much, I have all these cool ideas that I want to use for new pics and I think it’d be a step in the right direction to get new ones.  So, while reading one of my friend’s blogs, I discovered that she has another blog where she posts her photography of families, couples, kids, etc.  It’s Liz Heikoop Photography.  I think I’ll get in touch with her again and get some more information.  It might not happen right this very minute (seriously, I’m still learning patience.  Really.), but it will be good to have something to look forward to.

{Photos for Inspiration}



love the colors of this one



I guess what I like most about those examples is the playful, casual vibe with a beaming ear-to-ear smile!  I mean, don’t these girls just look so fun and like you could have a great time with them and be really close friends?  (I read their blogs pretty regularly, and you should check them out!)  There are so many other examples that I’ve found as well, but I had to show you only a few or we’d be here all day.

Ok, that’s all for now.  OH!!! Did I mention that my business cards came two night ago?  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!  So excited about them.  (in case you were wondering).

One last thing: hopefully, my brother doesn’t kill me, but I’m sending a shout-out to his girlfriend! S., I can’t wait to meet you! 🙂  Thanks for reading!

Have a fabulous awesomesauce weekend!!  Make it great!  Toodles!


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