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6 Sep

So, remember last week I was saying I needed to get to IKEA and organize this jumble over here.  Well, on Tuesday, I did.  However, the closest IKEA to me had zip, zilch, none of the cabinet I wanted.  They had big ones, but not small ones.  I think it probably had a lot to do with everyone moving into their dorms; the size and style of this cabinet meet many dorm qualifications.

Aaaaanyway, the day after, I drove to the one closer to Toronto.  Now, some people have serious doubts on my abilities to get through IKEA fast.  I’m amused by it, and, yes, that store is stinkin’ fabulous, but, from the time I pulled into the parking lot until the time I pulled out was probably no more than eleven minutes and thirty-seven seconds.  Lemmetellyou….  Are you sitting down?  I *gasp* skipped the showroom, first of all (even though I reallyreallyreeeeeeaally wanted to go), and made a beeline straight for the marketplace.  You have never seen someone speedwalk that quickly through the marketplace either.  Just sayin’.

After studying the sign for about seventeen seconds trying to figure out which aisle and bin my treasure might be located in, I meandered up and down a few.  Yay for me, I found it on the third try!  And, wouldn’t you know, I think there were twenty-some-odd boxes on that shelf!  (Clearly, no one going to school in this area shops here?)

Keep in mind, I’m still hustling, of course.  Checkout lines were minimum which was fabulous and I was out the door and splashing through ankle-deep puddles to put it in my car.  (good thing I was wearing sandals and not cute flats).

After all that, I am very glad I drove the extra mile to get it, because it’s awesomesauce.  It was fun putting it together, too, considering everything you buy from IKEA requires your intense skills to bring it to life.  Anyway, I just have to show you how it looks from the beginning to end and give you the tips for success (follow closely).

Step PointFive: Find your fav music and turn it up (get in the groove, if ya know what I mean–your house is too quiet to work in otherwise).

Step One: Open the box

Step Two: Unpack everything.  Save the directions.  Spread everything out, like so (figure 2.75241)


Step Three: Stop to take pictures for the blog (oh, sorry, that’s just for me…you should feel free to insert whatever you’d like to do here–or just skip this and keep going).

Step Four: Take a break for lunch.  Make something fabulous.  Find something to read.  Hydrate and nourish.

Step Five: Just finish putting it together!  Note: it will be fun (and easy!).  Yes, I am aware that I missed getting pictures of some vital steps, so you’ll hopefully forgive me?

The best part is that you can put the shelf at pretty much any level you want!  Mine is situated really high only because I have a lot of binders and portfolios of my work that I wanted to put on the bottom.


Aaaaaaaaand finally, you have THIS BEAUTIFUL THING:  (seriously, scroll down!)

Isn’t it great?!  Looks so amazing in my workspace.  And, if you weren’t aware, I LOVE anything metal and locker-y, so this one is great!  Plus, it houses my printer on top of it, it’s on wheels so it moves easily, and has a door to hide everything.  The lock works, but I just think it looks cool.  And, even better?  Those magnets that hold everything (also from IKEA) stick to it, too!  I’m in love with magnet boards, just so you know, and I have a few sets of these magnets holding artwork from my brothers and sisters, wedding invitations, and pictures!

I’ll show you soon what my workspace looks like lately.  I’ve literally been sitting here all day doing this, that, and the other thing.  It’s not bad!  Lots of room to move which I need.

Anyway, that was my trip to IKEA and the end of my organization problems (ha! for now, anyway).  I’m one of those people who is always moving things around because I get bored or think of something that would work waaaaay better.  Hope you’re having a good week!  Toodles!


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