{retro & fabulous}

1 Sep

Happy Labor Day weekend–the ONE holiday (besides Christmas and Easter) that the US and Canada share!  Random, I know, but I felt the need to let everyone know that.

Aaaaanywho, I’m doing some research right now for wedding blog posts and I keep finding cool pictures for other categories other than the specific one I’m working on now, SO, I have to post them (and then, I’ll go back to working on my original plan–hahaha).

I know retro, funky, vintage wedding stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but, I mean, really, these are super cool.  Let me know what you think!




I’m a sucker for vintage bikes and this super cool tandem is awesome.  As a sidenote, check out the groom’s shoes!  Cool, eh?


You all know I’m not a fan of Coke, like, at all, but you have to admit these centerpieces in the old glass bottles are sweet.  Megs, take note, this is similar to what you’re doing for your wedding and I loveloveLOVE it!


Another Coke bottle (don’t worry Pepsi, I’m not ditching the brand, I puh-ROMISE).  This is just a cute picture and the ring is just fabulous.


I personally love kraft (butcher) paper paper products.  These invitations are great!  Simple, but classic and retro.  The little flags are cute, too!


Oh. My. Word.  Okay, so I’M not even that old, but do you remember these? (I think only the real-deal photographers still use these cuz everyone else went digital).  This is socool (yes, that’s a word: it’s when you’re so excited about something that saying “so cool” slow doesn’t cut it).  Anyway.


Literally, this post could go on for ages and ages because I keep stumbling across superawesomeamazing finds!  But, really, I must get moving on other things.  This last picture is for my sister, Megan, just because she loves VW Bugs and this is just very her!  Here’s to you, Megs!  Can’t wait to see your day come together!


Have a great weekend, my friends, and there will be more goodness for you to see next week!  But, in the meantime, if you reallyreallyreally want to see some great finds, check out lover.ly!!  Everyday (usually multiple times a day), they add new pictures of weddings from tons of popular wedding blogs.



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