{september goals}

30 Aug

Welcome to the first “monthly goal” installment.  I’m excited to do this and, hopefully, it will help me to see how much I’ve accomplished!  We shall see.

With September almost here (in two days, to be exact–WOWZA), I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish this month.  My brain is always ALWAYS working a million miles ahead of my body (really gotta work on that, it’s kind of annoying–like, “body, catch UP already”).  It’s crazy how fast this year is going by.  I just thought about it again and I can’t believe it’s already been three months since I’ve been out on my own and living in Canada, although, I will say it’s been amazing and I absolutely loveloveLOVE being this close to Darren.  That being said, I wouldn’t change the five months we drove back and forth every weekend between Canada and Michigan, but it is fabulous to only have to drive twelve minutes to see him.  So, anyway…

*{September Goals}*

aka–what I want to accomplish this month. (yes? make sense? ok, sweet)

  • Once my business cards get here (they’re being shipped! Whoohoo!), I want to get them out there.  (obviously, right? duh).  I’m still not 100% sure where I’ll take them, but it’s in the works.
  • I want to put Pinterest and Contact buttons on my blog homepage.  I found super-cute ones, but need to figure out how to stick ’em on there.
  • I just started my own planner.  Now, obviously, as a office supply-loving, organizational crazy person, I’ve always had a planner, but I’m creating my own now.  I’ll have to show it to you sometime.  But, basically, I’m starting from a blank notebook, and creating my one lines and writing spaces.  It’s GREAT and gives me SO much room to write and keep everything straight, but it just takes time to draw all the lines and get the basic calendar down.  I’ve got it down out until October 6, but there’s just so much past that that I need to write down.  There just IS!  Have I mentioned that I love my planner?  Oh, right, I did already. teehee.  Moving along…
  • Make my bed everyday (bahaha).  Sounds funny, I know, but, MAN, I need to get on that!  Why is it that something so mundane and “should be simple” is just, ugh, never gets done?!  But, HEY, I made it this morning, so I dunno what that means, but I figured it needs to go on my goal list anyway.
  • Remember how I said my brain’s always ahead of my body?  Yeah, so I finally need to move my desk (after my trip to IKEA today) and organize everything.  I just got a printer and I need a surface for that, plus storage for my oodles of binders, portfolios, and wedding/event magazines (and other “stuff” kickin’ around).  Found these cabinets at IKEA and I love them.  Not sure whether to get the one two-door or two one-doors.  I like the one-doors because they’re on wheels (which just adds so much design cool-ness to them) and I can have them separate in my apartment.


  • As for my blog….I want to work on a “plan” of some sort for the blog.  It would be a mix of a schedule (which days I’ll post on what subject) and long-term goals for what I want it to do and be and provide.
  • Inspiration boards always look so cool and I have one I guess, but it needs some help.  I have this massive corkboard that I covered in awesome patterned papers, but now want to use it to stick stuff like what I think is cool now, this goal list should probably go on it, and other random stuff I find.  Cuz, hey!  That’s what inspiration boards are for, of course!
  • And, for seriously, my last goal is to post this list somewhere and cross it aaaaall off. (like this, cross it aaaaall off).

So! That’s it (yikes)!  What’s on your list?  Drop a comment down there and let me know!  We can maybe keep each other accountable.  Have a fantastic day, folks!  I’m headed to IKEA shortly (yay!).  But, seriously, have you SEEN that place?!  Toodles!



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