SoooooSoSoSO Sorry

22 Aug

As you can see, I didn’t post yesterday.  So much stuff happened (and nothing happened).  I worked six hours at my fabulous job, then went swimming for a bit, then hung out with my boyfriend…..aaaaaand my blog fell to the wayside.  So sorry.  On the bright side, I fiiiiiinally ordered my awesome business cards.  Yay!


Cool, eh?  (Well, I’M excited about them anyway).  Good thing I found Zazzle cuz they pretty much saved me from getting super boring business cards or paying a ridiculous amount (for this point in my life) on cool ones.  Win-win for me!  (Don’t worry…when I get them in my hands I will definitely take better pics of them and post for you!)

In other news, today I worked a full day at work and I am incredibly sore.  Bright side for that?  I had to run the stairs multiple times (and by multiple, I mean a gazillion) carting table setup stuff down to the room I was setting up because the elevator is broken, BUT that means I got my workout in today which also included hauling chairs and tables around for an hour. I did warn you I’m a fabulous multi-tasker, right?  If not, now you know!

So, while my honey is coaching his last soccer game for the season, I’m hanging out by a window at the library working on my blog!  Don’t worry, as soon as I post this, I’ll be working on the birthday gift post I’ve been taunting you with for about 3 weeks.  Please forgive me (pleaseplease?) and drop by again in a few to check it out!  Toodles!


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