A Birthday Event

22 Aug

See?  I told you I’d be back shortly to post this.  Anyway, where to start…..

Darren’s birthday was last month and ever since we started dating (January of this year), I’d been trying to think of something cool to give him.  Take into consideration, he doesn’t ever want anything from anyone for any reason.  So, I considered getting him his own grill tool set (since his family just renovated their backyard and got a whole outdoor kitchen), or getting him something for his car.  I was literally still puzzled and mulling it over about a week before his birthday.  In a random conversation with him, he said, “I love it when you cook for me, because no girl has ever done that for me!”  Ding!  That got my brain working.  I try to come up with creative gifts for people based on what I know about them, and this particular birthday really meant a lot to me (um, probably because I love this guy like ALOT).

Rewind back.  When we started dating, I learned that he loves massages after work, and literally asks me for one every day.  Usually, I don’t make big deal of them, and, they last, tops, ten minutes.

Finally, about a month before his birthday, for something fun, we decided to go gokarting.  Keep in mind what I’ve told you about my car and know that he loves driving as much as I do!  We came off the track after ten laps and he had the most hilarious gleam in his eyes and asked me if I wanted to go again.  I couldn’t deny him that (plus I love driving gokarts and have to beat him constantly).

Are you ready?  SO!  With all this information on him that I’d been collecting, I came up with this: (Remember when you were a kid and you made coupon books for Mother’s Day or another occasion?) I resurrected my coupon-making abilities and made him a combo pack in which I would cook him dinner, we would go gokarting, and then I’d give him a longer massage.  I was intensely hoping that he’d love it and it wouldn’t bomb.  Of course, I had to design all the paperwork for it and, seriously, coming up with the wording was AWESOME.


After creating them in Microsoft Publisher, I had to pull out all my card-making stuff and mount them.  Then came packaging into a gift!



In case you were wondering, the envelope (“Goodness {inside}”) came from K and Company.  (P.S.–they have super awesome stuff).

After that designing war was over, I got the easier part (maybe it’s only easier because I have a culinary degree?  I’m not sure….).  Dinner was homemade brushetta, beef stroganoff, and Caesar salad in cool bacon bowls that I made.  I bought flowers to decorate my table and then had fun using my dishes to properly set the table!  I also made a little birthday note for him that sat on his plate.


Food, funky colors, fun!  Check ’em out!






The stroganoff really needed a garnish, but it wasn’t until after I took the pics and ate that I thought of it.


That was it!  You should have seen his face when he opened the envelope.  Yay for me, he loved it.  I was nervous for about 57 seconds, but I’m glad my creativity and craziness paid off.  I didn’t get any pictures of us gokarting, but it was hilarious and so fun.

Well, that’s my first event post!  And I got a bunch more pictures up (who knew it was so easy?).  I’m hoping next to get the pictures up of the Dr. Seuss-inspired baby shower I planned in February.  I’m also still planning to post a September Goals post as well as some event inspiration for you!  One thing at a time, though.  I’ll be back tomorrow; have a fabulous evening!  Toodles!


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