Sneak Peak

20 Aug

So, I promised some people that I’d have a post up today.  With 50 minutes left in the day, I’d better get on that.  (p.s.–I have had a productive day working on this blog; just haven’t posted yet.)  I have been uploading pictures from my phone to my computer so I can show you the fabulousness!  (yes, that’s a word).  Tomorrow, after I work, I will be creating my post on the birthday gift I gave my boyfriend.  It’s great, and all, that I’m telling you that, BUT I am gonna be nice and at least give you something to look at and maybe make you come back tomorrow to check it out!  So, here’s my gift to you….

And to imagine (*gasp*), those pictures were taken with a cellphone camera.  Pretty neat, eh?  (yeah, yeah, I know, someday I am SO gonna get a nice camera, but, for now?  Me and my cell, baby!)  But, for reals, click on the Caesar salad one, and, when it enlarges, tell me that doesn’t look absolutely incredible!

More tomorrow!  Don’t forget to check back!  Pencil it in or write it on a sticky note or somethin’.  (not bad for 32 minutes left in the day. ha!)  Toodles!


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