Just Quickly….

14 Aug

Okay, so basically, I’m bouncing off the walls right now.  Have you seen this amazing blog (wait, of course you have! You’re reading it!)  But, for reals, I’m geeked about the new design. Cool, eh?

Just a quick little update (I will post more details tonight, I promise).  I heard from both of my interviews yesterday and one really wants me!  I have another interview at 1 this afternoon, but I’m seriously leaning toward the job offer I just received.  They seem really eager to work with me, which may I SAY is super-de-duper aMAzing to finally have someone excited to work with me.  Wow!

Anyway, that’s all for now.  I had a fanTABulous day yesterday and am looking forward to the same today!  I’ll let you know.  Toodles!


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