New Thoughts

11 Aug

Alright, well, I’m having difficulties with this blogging business.  Y’know how you think, “oh, hey, that looks so easy (to design a blog header, etc) to do! I can totally manage that stuff.”  Yeah-no, I am just NOT that accomplished and it’s reallyreallyreally frustrating me.  (Just by the way, I’m still learning patience.)  So, I just want you guys to know that I’m still around and that even though I already changed my design, I’m reading up on different blogging tips and methods and providers and can hopefully find something that fits me to a “T” and works just mah-velously for me.  😉

On a positive note, I had two interviews on Thursday and both went well!  I should be hearing from them early next week.  I also got to come home to Grand Rapids and spend some time with my family which has been amazing and so refreshing.  I guess I miss them more than I like to let on.  It’s NUTS how quickly my youngest siblings are growing up.  I can’t believe how much just a month changes them (new vocabularies, attitudes, outlooks on their little lives).

Anyway, I’m snagging my sister and going to Michael’s with her for kicks and giggles.  You should hear from me again on Monday and maybe, just maaaaybe, I’ll have new information and designs and cool ideas and inspirations and details to share with you!  Toodles!


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