Today = New Chapter

1 Aug

Ok, this is me!  (Just so everyone knows, I am absolutely petrified–this is freaking me out!)  But, I have to do this first post or nothing will ever happen with my little blog and that scares me more.  I look up my blog and I see so much that I want to improve about the design.  I think about it and there is SO much I want to say that I’m not even sure where to start!  Warning: this may be a bit of rambling.  *smile.

My hopes for this blog:

1. I figure out how to upload pictures to it (soon!)

2. I am able to easily post about a lot of things and keep up with it

3. My family (who I just moved 4.5 hours away from) can use this blog to keep up with me

4. It helps me stay accountable in various areas of my life (my career, my health, my family)

5. I can maybe help someone else through this crazy blogging experience (since reading other blogs has really inspired me and I admire a lot of people because of what I have read on their blog!)

My promise to you:  I will (in the next day or so) post a little paragraph about me.  After that, I hope to keep you updated about all the things that mean the most to me.  You will probably see a lot of the events that I plan (because I love taking pictures of them and watching people’s faces when they see them) as well as random things that inspire me to be more, to be better, to be AWESOME, and that help me remember to make today aMAzing.

Also, just so you’re warned….I tend to type my voice (case in point–the “aMAzing” from above).  Some days I may type more professionally, but I am telling you, I am quirky and goofy most of the time and it will most definitely come out (I hope).

Wow! I have to say, the more I typed, the easier it got!  yay!  That’s all for now.  I did it! First post is done.  That was fun and I’m looking forward to more–should be good.

Have a fantastic night, everyone!  Toodles.


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